Belle and Boo Wall Stickers from Chocovenyl

True to form, Belle & Boo always have more than one delight up their sleeve. Following the release of Bubbles Before Bed this week they have released a series of wall stickers with super sticker creators Chocovenyl. I love it when two of my favourite companies come together and this is a perfect match: the art of Belle & Boo and the high quality fabric stickers of Chocovenyl.

Alongside classic Belle & Boo pictures there are new images including the hot air balloons (as above) and dinosaurs (as below). There is a range of stickers to choose from with single images and sets to create larger scenes. Prices are from £14.99 right up to £79.99 depending on the set and size. You can buy them from both Belle & Boo and Chocovenyl.


  1. Many thanks to bambinogoodies! We love you too :)

  2. Brilliant as always, thanks so much Kat x

  3. I love the balloon stickers, and wanted to put them with Cox&Cox world map wall paper, but they are out of stock until next year sometime, I cannot find any paper as nice as that one, do you know where else I could find it? Thanks!

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