Beanpole Bumps – Tall Maternity Wear

Kat writes…Finding clothes when you’re tall can be tough but when you’re pregnant it becomes even more challenging. Beanpole Bumps is a maternity store just for the tall ladies in the club. A new shop to the scene in 2008, Beanpole Bumps was set up by Suzanne Thomas who, at nearly 6 foot tall, was frustrated with pregnancy clothes falling short. The store is still growing as they source more long fitting maternity wear.

I like this pair of trousers from American designers 1 in the Oven. I like the hipster look and the waist band is ruched. They are made from a super soft jersey like cotton. The leg is 34″ and they come in sizes 10 – 16 (10 & 16 stock due in December). £44.99.

So if you’re looking for maternity wear for tall women, stop by Beanpole Bumps and save yourself some legwork.

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