Beaba toilet seat trainer

Beaba toilet seat trainer

It feels so strange not to have our Boon potty in the bathroom anymore after two rounds of potty training but now that our youngest Nia feels too grown up for it so it was time for a toilet seat trainer, especially as in spite of feeling two big for “baby potties”, she’s not so big that she doesn’t have a fear of falling into the toilet…

Offered a selection to choose from, Nia went with Beaba’s black toilet trainer seat but then she is three going on thirty-five. The stable ergonomic design means that there’s no wobbling or even a sense that the plastic might crack due to three points where it ‘fastens’ (but not literally) to the toilet. It has an inner rim and raised piece at the front for reducing splashage and also comes with a couple of fastenings – one for clipping it to the side of the toilet and one for a wall fastening. We have a new loo and the toilet clip doesn’t work on it (sort of similar to the way you would clip in one of those freshener thingamijigs but the other way round obviously).

That aside, it’s a hit with Nia, chic, sturdy, and also made from BPA, PVC and pthalates free plastic. £16 at VUP Baby and also available in not quite as original pink and blue.


  1. Great article and such a nice design for a toilet trainer seat. X

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