Bambino Goodies Christmas Gift Guide: Tiny world toys…part one


Pretend and imaginative play is where it’s at in toddlerhood and there are such cool tiny world buys homing in key scenes such as to infinity and beyond up in space with Pintoy’s space series, to BG favourite Plan Toys eco friendly airport series and their garage, to Muji’s fantastic wooden toy buys at excellent prices, to minimalist pieces by Momoll, and bright buys by Djeco and Le Toy Van. So good, you’ll want to play with them yourself and there’s a part two to feast your eyes on tomorrow.

1. Pintoy Space Series This year it’s 40 years since the first men set foot on the moon so it’s only fitting to feature this eco friendly collection of space themed toys made from replenishable wood. There’s the space headquarters with it’s working elevator, a lounge with a, get this, ‘interplanatery conferencing viewport’, a control centre with a console, an engineer, and a deep space directional dish amongst its features, £57.73. We’re also loving the spaceship with operable cargo doors, rolling launching pad, an astronaut with a life support pack and communicator plus a standby astronaut, amongst its detailed features, £35.22. Truly amazing for creating a host of adventures. Suitable from age 3. Funky Moose

Space fiends should check out the mini replica Nasa space suit we featured.

2. Plan Toys Airport Another eco friendly buy from one of our favourite toymakers. Going the whole hog, this two storey play area with a flight control tower, has a car park on the first floor, an elevator for your little peeps to travel up to the second floor where they can check in, use the luggage conveyor belt, and make their way to the plane via the sky path connection. There’s a pilot, passenger, plane, and a cargo trailer included. Age 3. RRP £59.95, £49.95 Bouncy Happy People

3. Muji’s Airport in a Bag Muji are the hotness and their eco friendly wooden toys in a bag series are the business! They’ve added to the collection with this mini busy airport in a bag, which includes a cargo trailer, radio control tower, a taxi, and several planes amongst its joys. Also age 3. Also makes great feature display on shelves. £9.95 Muji. Get 20% off – see our post on the Elle Decoration offer.

4. Mike’s Toy Garage by Le Toy Van This wooden garage has opted for 1950s retro styling with eye-catching brights. Mounted on a racetrack, it features a working lift, helipad, and spiral ramps and comes with 2 cars, 4 cones and 4 signs. From age 3.

5. Momoll Playtower This Swiss toymaker is known for their simple, beautiful, functional toys. Originally developed as a contemporary dolls house, it’s got wooden sliding walls to let your child’s imagination roam. It’s modular so you buy it as 2 floors but you can add as many floors as you want and buy a ramp too. Very high end tiny world play. From £149 Nubie Get 10% off with code BAMB02 till 31/12/09. See all current codes on our discount codes page.

6. Plan Toys Parking Garage Another eco buy, we featured this last week as we’re won over by its helipad, car wash, petrol station, elevator, attendants booth, the little figure and car, and ramps to zoom about on. £49.99 Adventure Toys

7. My Garage by Djeco Funky yet classic styling with cool graphics from the French toymaker. It’s got a car ramp, repair lift, elevator, petrol pump, and car wash although the car isn’t included. Age 3. £49.95 Tickety Boo

Check out part two of our tiny world toys guide. There’s also our other guides so far: Bambino Goodies Christmas Gift Guide for Play Houses, Ride On Toys, blocks for babies and toddlers, and tea sets.

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