Bambino Goodies Christmas Gift Guide: Cool Tea Sets for Toddlers

bambino goodies christmas gift guide for tea sets for toddlers including djeco, ikea, oskar and ellen

Tea sets make wonderful gifts that will inspire tea parties and teddy bear’s picnics whilst encouraging creative play and helping emotional and social development. I’ve tracked down nine stylish buys, from soft fabric, to wooden, ceramic, stoneware, crochet, and tin, and all starting from just £7.99.

1. Retro Polka Dot Tea Set These sweet ceramic tea sets which come with their own picnic style basic are kitsch cool. Includes a teapot, four cups and saucers, a sugar bowl, and jug. £10.99 Juicytots Get 15% off with our discount code BAMBINO until 31/12/09

2.Afternoon Tea Set Loving this buy which has a tea set and dinner set that fits inside the pretty tall plastic jar. £20 Sparkle & Spin

3. Oskar & Ellen Tea Set This 32 piece soft play tea set is just the ticket if you’re worried about your little one busting up a ceramic set. It contains four cups and saucers, napkins, teabags, spoons, and cakes and biscuits to name but a few and comes in a handy storage bag. £24.99 Kidsen.

4. Djeco Birthday Tea Set Your tot can throw birthday parties every day with this gorgeous wooden set by French toymaker, Djeco. Includes a 5 slice cake with candles, two teabags, four sugar cubes, two cups and saucers, serving tray, tea kettle, and a plate. Age 4+ £32 Lula Sapphire Get 10% off with the code BAMBINO09 until 24/12/09

5. Crochet Tea Set by En Gry Og This handmade delight is certainly a statement buy. Crocheted from 100% New Zealand wool and 100% cotton in Nepal, this fair trade buy features six beautifully crafted pieces with flower and bead detail. £39.95 Little Baby Company

6. Duktig 10 Piece Tea & Coffee Set This stoneware buy is an absolute steal and features mini versions of grown up gear at Ikea. Includes tea and coffee cups and latte mugs. Age 3+ Ikea – in store only.

7. Fleur Tea Set by Natalie Lette Going for chic vintage appeal, this tin set features a gorgeous floral design and comes packed in an equally appealing floral print cardboard suitcase. £30 Lapin and Me

8. Green Toys Eco Friendly Tea Set I saw this tea set at Lula Sapphire and it’s truly a fantastic eco buy made from recycled milk jugs and is 100% recyclable. Robust and pretty, it comes with four cups, saucers, and spoons, plus a milk jug, tea pot, and sugar bowl, packaged in corrugated boxes with no plastic or ties. Age 3. £29.95 Lula Sapphire Get 10% off with the code BAMBINO09 until 24/12/09

9.Pippi Longstocking Tea Set by Micki This colourful ceramic tea set is illustrated with Swedish fictional character Pippi and her pals, mixed with yellow and red patterns. One that you may get nostalgic over if you read the books or watched the TV series. £12.99 Kidsen

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  1. Rochelle says:

    Loving tea set number 2, but it’s no longer on their website! Can’t find it on google as the brand name isn’t listed either… poop.

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