Baby Shocks slipper/socks

Yellow Giraffes Shocks black pirate shocksI saw these Shocks – a cross between a slipper and a sock – in Junior Magazine and I think that my spell of behaving myself with spending online has come to an end as the bambino will HAVE to have a pair…or two!

These are great for both indoors and outdoors and sizes start from  3 months. They’re washable with non-slip rubber soles and are great across various floor surfaces.

The two sources I found for these fab shoe/slippers are:

Sally Shufflepants – They start theirs from 3 months and have the giraffe pair pictured plus others including animal prints. £10.95

BabyE – Theirs start from 6 months and they have the fab black pirate version (scroll down the page). £9.99


  1. These are available from Amazon. Just type Footsie 100 in the search box, and they will appear. Or you can click the link above. This is an easy and safe way of buying these from a tried and tested on line shop. You can also see who is selling them at

  2. Johnny Hindle says:

    The easiest place to buy these is direct from the importer, Large range, and good postal rates.

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