Baby Measuring Sheets by Clare Chen

Baby Measuring crib fitted sheet

crib measuring sheet

I haven’t had baby Nia’s ‘height’ checked at the walk-in clinic for ages but, who needs them or fannying around with a height chart where they’ll no doubt make it a nightmare to get their length, when you can have one of these fitted baby measuring sheets by Taiwanese designer Clare Chen.

hot buy bambino goodiesBonkersly clever, this is one of those things you didn’t know you needed it till you saw it. Available in a great selection of colours – black, grey, blue, yellow, green, lavender, and pink. They’re cot size only so 60 X 120 cm, which is gutting for those of us who own cotbeds, hint hint Clare! $40 each plus $10 shipping to the UK from hotbed of cool, Supermarket, a ‘curated collection of awesome design products’.

[via Babygadget]


  1. What a fab idea!

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