Autumn Winter from Frugi

Since their re-brand from ‘cut4cloth’ a few years ago; Cornish clothing brand Frugi has gone from strength to strength. Their Autumn Winter 2011 collection is, in my opinion, one of their most desirable to date and I wouldn’t be surprised if it saw them catapult in popularity.

Their collection heavily features applique with strong animal motifs on tops, dresses (the owl!) and dungarees. Their trousers and shirts are rich colour blocks with detailing such as patterned lining.

The girls’ collection is full of rich jewel tones while the boys are not limited to blue and brown but have green, red and purple items to choose from too. You’ll find fun accessories including patterned tights and wellies.

Sizing is from 0 – 8 and is very much children’s clothing so your children won’t have to dress like mini teens as soon as they hit 5.

I could well buy most of my children’s Winter wardrobe from Frugi this year and having seen nest Spring Summer I’m inclined to say that’s pretty special too.

All clothing is organic and ethically produced but at prices which compare to the likes of Boden.

This is a collection hard wearing enough to be worn every day and yet gorgeous enough to wear on special occasions too.

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