What’s a Kimonii, you ask? Well, it’s the brainchild of Kappuke Ki Kidswear, and it’s either the all-in-one garment you’ve been waiting for, or a novelty twist on the kimono, crossed with a playsuit. Or possibly both! Apparently all you need to do is put it on like a jacket, wrap, and tie – that’s it, […]

V&A exhibition goodies: The Tiger Who Came To Tea

Print: the Tiger Who Came to Tea by Judith Kerr

Looking for World Book Day costumes? Step this way…. Practically every household has a fondness for one of Judith Kerr’s picture books, whether it’s The Tiger Who Came to Tea or one of the Mog series. Somehow, this purveyor of slightly naive drawing, whose style became noticeably more adept as the years went by, has […]

Kayatine moustache onesie

Kayatine moustache onesie

With moustachioed motif goods all over Etsy, and now creeping onto the shop floor of Urban Outfitters, I fear their heyday may well be past. But that doesn’t stop me appreciating a really good one – and heh, baby? With totally inappropriate moustache? Who could fail to smile at least a little? This Kayatine bodysuit is […]

Oh Baby! Picnic Print

Picnic print bloomer playsuit from Oh Baby

Planning ahead to a long, hot summer spent lying with your baby in the sun? Oh Baby London’s Picnic print playsuit is the perfect wear. For her, not you, obviously – though if there’s an older sister, there’s the equally adorable Picnic print dress. The playsuit is £20.00 and the dress £40.00, with £3.00 delivery.

Playsam – a lighter side

Playsam sailboat

I’ve always found the glossy, black and red products from Swedish company Playsam a little too macho for my tastes: indeed, a lot of their range is labelled as ‘executive toys’, and clearly isn’t aimed at kids at all. But I was won over by the simplicity and bright colours of their little sail boat. Plus, […]

Micro Scooter Accessories

Micro scooters drinks holder

Micro scooters really have taken over the world, haven’t they? I really think that almost every under-six-year-old in the country must have one, and for good reason as Kat explained in her post last year. The downside of that is that once you get to the park, there is ample opportunity for a mix-up. Even […]

Toca Boca games for iPod, iPad and iPhone

Toca Doctor iPhone, iPod and iPad game

  The Guardian tipped me off about the Toca Boca suite of games for iPod, iPhone and iPad – and I am glad it did, because they really are delightful. Unlike many other games, they have a strong design sensibility, with the sort of illustration you’d expect to see in the best picture books.They are also […]

Cahier d’ecriture wallpaper

Cahier d'ecriture wallpaper by Madame Chalet at Bodie and Fou

How much do I love the latest wallpaper find from Bodie and Fou?! Totally distinctive, and yet it would blend in perfectly well with a mainly white decor, as you can see in the picture (£95 for a single panel). It’s such a faithful rendition that, close up, you can even see the smudges of […]

Love Frankie small accessories

Lovefrankie dress

Lucy’s mentioned funky Brighton kids’ boutique Love Frankie before; I’m also lucky enough to live just up the road, and just like Lucy I’m a big fan of their unfailing way with niche fabrics,  bright colours and giant button embellishments. Perfect example, above: this is the Jessie pinafore dress, £30 (they also do lampshades in […]

Mud Pies and other Recipes

Mud Pies And Other Recipes

Some kids love to create culinary masterpieces for their dollies and teddies, out of petals, leaves, puddle water and mud. I know, because I’ve got one of them – though I suspect that with her, it’s more an excuse to get muddy and stir things with sticks than it is any early blossoming of a […]

Simple Shoes

Doodle from Simple Shoes

I’m not sure how come I hadn’t heard of Simple Shoes before. I mean, I like sustainable. I like recycled. And I LOVE shoes. These guys tick all the right boxes, using upcycled and sustainable materials, including inner tubes, coconut fibre and cork. They publish their entire policy on ethical supply chains in black and […]

Jungle Book for iPad

Electric Type Jungle Book app

Tabitha  recently enjoyed going to see a stage production of the Jungle Book with her class, and on the back of that, she got well into the Disney version (spawning our family joke of singing ‘Claire’s Accessories’ to ‘Bear Necessities’ – I know, geniuses, we are). So when we heard about Electric Type’s Jungle Book […]

Shapes, colours and numbers fabric books

French cloth books from Shak Shuka

I just can’t believe these cloth books from Shak-Shuka (€22.00 each) were originally put out in the Twenties: the illustration just looks so vibrant and modern. I guess that’s  timeless design for you. Plus, those chocolate biscuits look like Oreos to me. Are they another example of timeless design? Three titles are available: Shak-Shuka, Shak-Shuka, […]

COS childrenswear: Spring/Summer 11

Cos peacock top

Printed tunic £23 Printed skirt £25 Printed dress £25 Knot headband £2 Knot hairclip £2 Back in 2009, Nat wrote about COSchildrenswear: at that point, they only had stores in London. Now, they’ve spread about a bit more, from Brighton to Glasgow, and a few other major cities, though not all of them do the […]