Alfie’s first birthday presents: toys

Alfie received so many fabulous pressies I just had to share some of them with you. A few we’ve mentioned before on BG – we bought him a Brio Rock On and a Habitat wooden New York taxi (picked up in the sale) and his grandparents gave him a Schoenhut piano, which he loves to play every morning when he gets up (‘Thanks, Alfie!’ Love from the neighbours).

All our friends very kindly observed our ‘no plastic’ ethos and wooden gifts abounded, from a fun Galt pop-up toy (keeps him amused for ages) to classic Le Toy Van New York and London car sets. The capital was a bit of a theme as he was also given a beautiful wooden Large Wooden London Bus, and the quirky London City in a Bag – currently displayed on his shelves because of the small parts, but I’m sure it’ll be a great toy for travelling in the future.

Non-wooden toys included a Melissa & Doug plush tool kit, complete with vibrating drill, a Sprig excavator truck, made from a reclaimed wood/recycled plastic composite, the ever-so-slightly crazy Ginger Sockette Hand Puppet and card nesting blocks, featuring SAMi’s gorgeous baby animal faces.

He was also given a lot of fantastic books – enough to warrant their very own post I feel, so more of those later.

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