3 of the best…Budget Friendly Rag Dolls

Zoom Doll - Liberty Belle - Flora Doll - Liberty Belle - Flora I’ve recently had a few people asking me about my suggestions for wallet friendly rag/soft dolls, that still managed to be cool. Here are 3 fab finds and all under £10.50!

Flora the Liberty Belle Doll

This adorable rag doll in a very on-trend Liberty fabric dress, polka dot shoes, and black Mary-Janes will look right at home with your little fashionista. £10 from Purves

Amanda Rag Doll by Linden Frenchedward doll by linden frenchmelissa doll by linden french  sally doll by linden french

Linden French Dolls – Favourite!

These handmade and fairtrade dolls are fabulous and great value! Made from cotton handloom, they’re available in both boy and girl versions, and they’re pretty tall too at 36cm! Amanda (left) has made it under our tree and we may even add a boyfriend for her as the bambino does like making her dolls kiss!

If you’ve been on the lookout for ‘multicultural’ dolls, these are certainly the best I’ve seen and trust me, I have seen some truly strange and weirdly named dolls that make me blush!

RRP is around £13.99. £9.99 from Box Tree Gallery. You can also get few more styles from Nice Rag Dolls

Italian Rag Doll

MyDoll Italian Rag Dolls

These cute dolls are traditional and sweet. Made in Italy, they come with their own little outfits. 28 cm high. These are marked as suitable for 3 years. £10.50 each Berry Red


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