10 Best: Teething essentials

We’re currently reacquainting ourselves with the delights of teething in our house, so I thought I’d share a few things that help ease the pain (for little and you). Vulli’s Sophie La Girafe, above, is a must. Created in 1961, the natural rubber teether is given to 98% of newborn babies in France. £11.99, VUP Baby.

And, of course, there’s Vulli’s deliciously cute Chan, Pie and Gnon. £7.99 each, Cheeks and Cherries.

Another great company for natural rubber teethers is Lanco. How adorable is Kelsie the seahorse? £6.99, The Purely Natural Company.

Kitty’s favourite is definitely the links from Dandelion – and I like them because they’re made from corn starch not plastic. She’s getting these fab keys in her stocking. £8, Born.

Cold is a great pain reliever. Just pop this Goldi Sauger apple teether into the fridge and the sterilised water inside will soothe inflammed gums. €4.95, Shak-Shuka.

Tiny teethers love nothing more than chomping on something wooden. Little Sapling Toys offer a myriad of shapes and sizes, from aeroplanes to elephants. £7.57, Etsy.

For the baby that likes to keep up with social media on the go, there’s jChew, the silicone smartphone teether, available in a rainbow of colours. £9.50 each, Amber Pumpkin.

Love this bunny ears combined teething cloth and ring from Cwtch (my favourite Welsh word) Bugs. £8.50, Etsy

Bandana bibs are invaluable as an attractive way to soak up the interminable drool. Funky Giraffe has a great range of designs (love the stars) and they are a bargain at £4, or even less if you order more.

Natural remedies are go in our household, so as well as the ubiquitous Ashton Parsons teething powder and Teetha gel I have Organic Monkey‘s Cheeky Monkey cheek oil, £7.50, which contains clove oil and seems to give Kitty some relief when rubbed on her cheeks.

Many people swear by Baltic amber necklaces. There has recently been a lot of scaremongering about choking, but there’s no evidence for it and in Europe babies wear them as standard. Just be sensible – make sure the necklace is too short for baby to put in their mouth and take it off when they sleep. £16.99, Tiny Tinklers.

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