10 Best: ideas for a fruit-themed room

Fruit is a great unisex theme for a child’s room and is appropriate for a range of ages. I’m not suggesting you opt for all these pieces at the same time to create a fruit salad, but against a monochrome background any of these pieces look fabulous. Apples are by far the most popular motif, but I’ve uncovered a few more exotic options as well. Pears are the perfect partner to apples, of course. Kat featured Candy Stripe Cloud‘s super-cute plastic fruit shelving a while back and now they have gorgeous wooden versions for $65. Heart.

Get two for the price of one with these, frankly amazing, fabric apple & pear decals from BG favourite Helen Dardik, £39.99. Funky and fruity.

Or a juicy print on maple veneer from another one of our style crushes, Lorena Simonovich’s Petit Collage, about £36, including postage from the US, Etsy.


You may prefer to opt for sweet cherries on your wall – love the graphic simplicity of this print by Swedish artist Lisa Masterson, £18.95, Zanders and Sons.

Mix it up for the lighting scheme with these made-to-order fairy lights by Joanna Coupland. Expensive? Yes, at £145, but sooooo gorgeous, Radiance Lighting.


There’s a veritable crate of apple bed linen on the market, but my pick of the harvest is definitely By Graziela‘s iconic 1970s print in blue and green or red and orange colourways. From £44.40 for a cot duvet set.

Decorate your bed with that most British of fruits the strawberry, as seen on this felt applique cushion from New Zealand based A Cushy Number, about £50, including postage to the UK.

Or if your tastes are more tropical than traditional, this squishy pineapple screen-printed seat/cushion might just be your flavour. £69.95, Morleys Early Years.

Get your citrus fix with this lemon magnetic noticeboard – ideal for collating all those teeny bits of ‘art’ that you can’t find a home for. £45, Beyond the Fridge at Not on the High Street.

And finally, possibly the coolest fruit toy I ever did see. Eco-friendly and quirky with a detachable worm and its own funky carry bag, it’s designed by Swedish (what else?) company Acne Jr, €42.19.




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