• Okido books in paperback

    If you’re a long-time reader, you’ll know that we have always championed the brilliant children’s arts and science magazine Okido and all the related books and characters (hands up who loves Messy Monster?) You seem to like Okido as much as we do, so we thought we’d let you know that Thames & Hudson has published two Okido titles, My… READ MORE

    Okido books in paperback
  • Covetable: Big Stuffed soft toys

    My house is basically overrun by Alfie and Kitty’s ‘soft friends’, otherwise I’d be snapping up one of Big Stuffed‘s fabulous creations to add to the family. They’re a collection of quirky creatures – think manatees, whales and penguins – just looking for new owners to adopt them. My favourite is the octopus family (particularly the yellow tinted Pop). Handmade… READ MORE

    Covetable: Big Stuffed soft toys
  • Weekend make: Nature weaving

    When we go camping I tend to take a bag of basic craft materials with me just in case of extremes of weather (rain or intense sun). On our last trip, we whittled sticks, wrapped them with wool and attached feathers to make arrows/wands, next time I’ll definitely be trying some nature weaving. You just need three or four sticks… READ MORE

    Weekend make: Nature weaving
  • Mutha.Hood Strong Girls Club t-shirt

    We don’t own many slogan t-shirts. As you are probably aware by now, I’m a lover of the all over Scandi print and the children aren’t allowed slogan tees for school, so they tend to pass me by. This one, however, definitely didn’t – it positively popped out of Instagram, shouting, ‘I am perfect for Kitty!’ And, as it happens,… READ MORE

    Mutha.Hood Strong Girls Club t-shirt
  • Banwood First Go balance bikes

    I am so in love with these retro styled balance bikes from Banwood. Suitable for children from about 2.5 to 5 years, they are made of steel with an ergonomic seat and come complete with bell (essential) and cool wicker basket (so your little one can take their favourite toy for a ride. They weigh 4.5kg, have 12′ wheels and… READ MORE

    Banwood First Go balance bikes


Weekend make: Nature weaving


Covetable: Big Stuffed soft toys


Mutha.Hood Strong Girls Club t-shirt


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