• Mabli childrenswear

      As a fully paid up Welsh person, I was already in love with Mabli‘s merino wool childrenswear, which blends heritage Welsh tapestry blanket patterns and weaves with fresh contemporary colours. The label was launched in late 2016 by founder Lisa Roberts, a former women’s knit designer and mama to Mabel and Otto. The  ethos behind the brand is one of… READ MORE

    Mabli childrenswear
  • Book Lover badge sets

      It will come as no surprise that the BG kids are all avid readers, bearing in mind the number of books we review on the site. So, needless to say, they are all loving the latest addition to our badge collection in store: the Book Lover set, £2.95. Comprising a large Read More Stories badge and smaller Book Lover… READ MORE

    Book Lover badge sets
  • 10 Best.. children’s wallpapers and decals

    Children’s rooms are an ideal place to experiment with colour and pattern, even if you’re more restrained in the rest of your house. There are so many fabulous wall solutions out there at the moment we’re spoiled for choice. Here are just a few of our favourite wallpapers, decals and stencils. Are you rocking that wall? We’d love to see… READ MORE

    10 Best.. children’s wallpapers and decals
  • Hello Nature cards

    As you probably know, the BG kids are all about the great outdoors – whether that’s camping, tree climbing, mud pie making or tearing around the countryside. Not all children are so keen though, and if you’re struggling to get little people to engage with nature, perhaps these might help. Similar to the National Trust’s 50 Things To Do Before… READ MORE

    Hello Nature cards
  • Stories for Boys Who Dare to Be Different

    It’s all very well raising our girls to be rebels, pioneers and innovators, but what about our boys? As Mum to a girl and a boy, it’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. Alfie loves the Rebel Girls books, but, like me, has questioned the use of ‘for’ rather than ‘about’ in the title. Why shouldn’t the lives… READ MORE

    Stories for Boys Who Dare to Be Different


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Mabli childrenswear


10 Best.. children’s wallpapers and decals


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